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ElectricNIO to Build Liquid-Cooled Super-Fast Charging Piles

NIO to Build Liquid-Cooled Super-Fast Charging Piles


Chinese auto firm NIO officially held its NIO Power Day 2022 on July 6. At the event, it comprehensively summarized the firm’s power-on services since NIO Power started four years ago. It also announced the plan of building a high-speed power battery swap network covering nine vertical lines, nine horizontal lines and 19 metropolitan areas in 2025. In addition, NIO intends to build third-generation power battery swapping stations and supercharging piles with peak power of 500kW.

Qin Lihong, President of NIO, said that the company planned to launch new power-on facilities such as liquid-cooled super-fast charging piles with peak power of 500kW and peak current of 650A, and third-generation battery swapping stations, from the end of this year to the beginning of next year.

Specifically, regarding third-generation battery swapping stations, NIO is testing the sample station, which is likely to support an 800V high-voltage platform. In terms of the 800V high-voltage platform battery pack and supporting power exchange system, NIO announced to open relevant facilities to the whole industry.

Among the common fast charging piles in the market, Tesla has a faster 250kW charging piles, which can meet the charging speed of a 120 km range in 10 minutes.

The 500kW charging power of NIO is twice that of Tesla, which means that the mileage increased by charging for 10 minutes may exceed 200 km, which is enough to meet daily commuting use needs, and the energy replenishment experience is closer to the fuel vehicle.

Since NIO put its first battery swapping station into operation in 2018, the company has completed the construction of 1,011 battery swapping stations (including 256 stations on expressway). Among them, 794 are second-generation battery swapping stations with stronger service capacity. NIO has established a high-speed battery swap network covering “five vertical lines, three horizontal lines and four metropolitan areas.” It has provided over 10 million individual services for its users.

Up to now, NIO has built 1,681 charging stations (including 9,603 charging piles) in China, reached connections with more than 520,000 third-party charging piles, and built 31 destination charging lines.

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