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Tesla’s Shanghai R&D Center Heavily Recruits New Talent

ElectricTesla’s Shanghai R&D Center Heavily Recruits New Talent

Tesla China released a recruitment message for R&D staff on Monday through its official job advertising platform, covering more than 100 positions in various fields such as vehicle software, hardware design engineering, power and energy engineering, and vehicle engineering, with the workplace mainly in the Shanghai Lingang New Area.

The new job postings indicate that Tesla is heavily recruiting technical staff for its R&D innovation center in Shanghai. “This decision embodies the importance Tesla attaches to its Shanghai center. As compared to Europe, the Chinese market has a more complete industrial chain and is at the forefront of electrification worldwide,” said industry analyst Ren Wanfu in an interview with National Business Daily. Ren added that Tesla could gain more competitive advantages by recruiting talent from the Chinese market at a lower cost and building an industrial chain.

On October 25, 2021, Tesla announced the completion of its Shanghai R&D and Innovation Center, stating that the facility was the firm’s first vehicle development-based R&D center outside of the US, and that it included software, hardware, electronics, materials, power and energy engineering teams.

Tom Zhu, company VP of Greater China, said that the inauguration of the R&D Innovation Center not only pushes Tesla towards entering a new localization process in China, but also provides a paradigm for the industry to cultivate local talent.

This facility has 28 labs, and is now dedicated to the development of Tesla’s hardware, software, processes and technologies in China, as well as undertaking application adaptation and standard testing for the Chinese market, and participating in global AI machine learning related R&D work. The low-voltage electronics lab, firmware lab and materials lab are the three representative localized R&D teams in China in this R&D innovation center.

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