Sunday, July 14, 2024
ElectricTesla’s First China-Built Model Y Will Be Delivered to Europe in August

Tesla’s First China-Built Model Y Will Be Delivered to Europe in August

The first of Tesla’s Model Y’s made in China will be handed over to European customers in August, the German news agency SPA reported, citing an official Tesla communication. The vehicles will be exported from the Tesla factory in Shanghai.

Tesla originally planned to start production of its Model Y at its new European factory in Gruenheide near Berlin in July this year with deliveries scheduled to begin in the third quarter, but production has been delayed to the end of this year or early next year.

The Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory now produces Model 3 and Model Y. The Model Y Long Range will be delivered in September, while the Model Y Performance will be handed over later, which is now expected to be in 2022.

Currently, customers wanting the 1,600 kg tow hitch will have to order the part and have it installed after delivery as it is currently not available as a factory-made option.

On July 8th, Tesla China officially launched the Model Y Standard Range RWD with a starting price of ¥276,000 and a range of 525km.

The Tesla Model Y Standard Range has attracted flocks of people to Tesla stores in China. Before that, Tesla China only provided the Long Range and the Performance versions of its Model Y. Although the car has only been available in China for a short time, the vehicle has managed to become one of the most popular electric cars.

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