Monday, June 24, 2024 and Horizon Robotics Partner to Create a Comprehensive... and Horizon Robotics Partner to Create a Comprehensive Smart Driving Solution for OEMs

- will build solutions for intelligent vehicles based on Horizon Robotics’ Journey® 5 platform has entered a strategic partnership with Horizon Robotics to develop high-performance, cost-effective smart driving solutions. The partnership combines’s L2++ smart driving solution with Horizon Robotics’ Journey® series auto-grade processors to provide smart driving solutions for series production vehicles.’s Journey® processor-based comprehensive solution for customers will offer the greatest flexibility for OEMs in response to market demand.

Based on’s experience driving over 12 million autonomous miles across a variety of dense and complex urban roads and highways, launched a highway Navigate on Autopilot (NOA) solution based on a single-Journey® 5 computing platform. The prototype vehicle equipped with the Journey® 5 processor completed highway NOA road tests in China in 2022 and is expected to be series production-ready by Q2 2023. Another solution, to enable a city and urban NOA experience with a dual-Journey® 5 computing platform, is expected to go to market this year.

With as few as six cameras and one millimeter wave radar and by using a single Journey® 5 processor, has created an all-in-one high-performance, cost-effective solution without a reliance on HD maps. Based on years of accumulating complex scene processing, and by considering the interaction between driving vehicles and their surroundings, the highway NOA function can intelligently navigate in congested situations.

“After years of iterative product development, the autonomous driving industry is approaching the era of mass commercialization. We are very excited to join hands with such an excellent partner as Horizon Robotics to create a smart driving ecosystem and to bring high-performance, cost-effective localized smart driving product solutions to our customers,” said Dr. James Peng, co-founder and CEO of

“With the evolution of smart driving, the automobile supply chain has accelerated the change from a vertical integration model to a decentralized and interconnected network of suppliers. Horizon Robotics is dedicated to collaborating with upstream and downstream partners to promote the industrial transformation. As our strategic partner and a leader in the autonomous driving industry, has made tremendous progress in developing and deploying smart driving solutions based on Journey® 5 and its software platform. We look forward to our partnership together, to empower OEMs and bring a safer and more enjoyable smart driving experience to our customers,” said Dr. Kai Yu, founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics. started its L2++ smart driving effort in 2020 and established a dedicated POV (personally owned vehicles) business unit for mass produced intelligent vehicles in 2022. By building solutions based on Horizon Robotics’ Journey® 5 platform, will combine upstream and downstream value chain partners to form a smart driving ecosystem with deep integration, efficient collaboration, and mass production, providing OEM customers with flexible and convenient smart driving options.

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