Friday, December 1, 2023
ConnectedChina industry association releases auto blockchain platform

China industry association releases auto blockchain platform

At a time when smart cars are rapidly evolving, the trustworthiness of vehicle data has become a concern. To address this issue, the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin has come into play.

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) recently unveiled the Vehicle Data Blockchain Platform (VDBP), a platform that enables inter-company automotive data interaction and integrated at the China Auto Forum.

It enables companies to establish trust in data interactions and complete transactions of data and algorithmic models, according to the CAAM.

It uses blockchain technology as the underlying architecture and establishes nodes in each enterprise data center to establish a collaborative mechanism among enterprise data centers.

It puts the tags and hashes of desensitized data of enterprises on the chain, which ensures that data assets are authenticated, traceable, available and cannot be tampered with.

The platform uses smart contract technology to realize online transactions and offline delivery of data, ensuring data security, according to the CAAM.

The VDBP will serve as the infrastructure for building an industry data middleware that will effectively support the digital transformation of China’s smart connected car companies, the CAAM said.

The VDBP has now completed its first phase of development, and some enterprises have already accessed the platform and started to interact with data.

The CAAM has also started to rely on VDBP to provide free data trustworthy depository services for member enterprises. Later, it will further expand the data nodes of VDBP.

The CAAM first revealed the blockchain platform at a conference held in Beijing on April 28, saying that the service would be available for free for enterprises from now on.

Participants at the conference included Tesla and NIO discussed the issue of data-based security regulation and data trustworthy deposition.

The conference was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, Ministry of Public Security of China, China Academy of Information and Communication Technology and the German Association of the Automotive Industry.

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