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SharingCarmakers' Strategies in Shared & Smart Mobility

Carmakers’ Strategies in Shared & Smart Mobility


Carmakers are transforming to Mobility and Tech players to compete in the new era of Mobility which is being quickly transformed from a product to a service (MaaS). MaaS promises not only better vehicle utilization rates but also the best mode of transportation depending on the use case. The landscape is changing fast, as mobility becomes a battlefield for brand loyalty and new revenue pools.

Carmakers are joining forces in mobility to avoid disruption from new entrants

Car sharing and ride sharing are two of the forms of mobility that have attracted a lot of interest and investment since the remaining types are highly fragmented. Leading carmakers are racing to position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities and compete with new entrants.

Free-Floating Car-Sharing Fuels Growth to the German market

Car-Sharing in Germany bounced back in 2021. Both the number of customers and fleets are increasing steadily in Germany. The evolution of Germany’s car-sharing market is a key metric for the rate of consumer transition from car ownership to Mobility-as-a-Service in Western Europe’s leading car market and one of the top hubs for autonomous, electrified and shared mobility. It also paves the way to the future of mobility with Robo-taxis, Robo-shuttles, aggregate mobility providers and Urban Air Mobility.

The successful execution of leading carmakers’ Smart Mobility strategies in their domestic market is crucial as they cannot afford to miss out on the new revenue pools against new Mobility Service Providers.

China’s battle-ground will define the future of Smart Mobility in emerging markets

China is a key market for the future of mobility for two reasons. First, it is the world’s leading car market, even though it still has a relatively low car penetration. Second, it is the world’s leader in Electric vehicle sales, with the government pushing for NEVs.

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