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XPENG Debuts G6 SUV at Auto Shanghai 2023


XPeng a Chinese smart electric vehicle (“Smart EV”) company, today announced the debut of its fifth smart EV model, the XPENG G6* Ultra Smart Coupe SUV, at Auto Shanghai 2023.

The first production model based on the Company’s next-generation smart electric platform architecture, SEPA2.0, the G6 delivers XPENG’s latest smart driving, intelligent cabin, superfast charging and superior performance features. It will be equipped with the latest XNGP as a final stage of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) before fully realizing autonomous driving.

XPENG G6 coupe SUV comes equipped with the Company’s world-class, 800V high-voltage SiC platform and 3C battery cells, China’s only mass-produced front and rear integrated aluminum body die-casting technology, and CIB battery-body integration technology.

G6 Technology

Built on SEPA2.0, G6 brings comprehensive upgrades in smart functions, safety, range and handling. Its X-EEA 3.5 upgraded central supercomputing capability and domain controller increases interconnection speed, providing a super powerful foundation for XNGP highly advanced ADAS and a sophisticated intelligent cabin. The smart cabin platform is partitioned from the vehicle control platform to provide financial-level information security for user and vehicle data.

G6 is equipped with 800V+3C technology, extending range as far as 755 kilometers – an increase of 71km compared with previous models. The maximum charging speed is just 10 minutes of charging for 300km of range.

G6 Engineering and Performance

G6 is designed and built with front and rear integrated aluminum die-casting and CIB battery-body integration technology, integrating the battery fully into the car body. This helps the G6 achieve better driving control, higher safety, and better NVH.

XPENG G6 Ultra Smart Coupe SUV

These engineering technologies also help achieve excellent body rigidity – designed to meet the highest safety standards in three main global auto markets: China, North American and Europe. G6’s chassis tuning, meanwhile, is optimized by a German professional team for stirring sporty performance.

G6 Body Design

G6’s body design is inspired by science fiction and developed in consultation with Sci-Fi legend, Cixin Liu. Its sleek lines derived from fluid mechanics deliver an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.248Cd. G6’s 17 optimized anti-drag design features help achieve its outstanding range. The body design also features the golden ratio for superior handling and modern coupe style. G6’s front face design incorporates the XPENG family’s signature design language with a more expressive robot face.

Short front and rear overhangs deliver superb control without compromising space. Its 2890 mm wheelbase gives generous inner space. Low 540 mm barycenter, and 50:50 front and rear axle load, ensure better aerodynamics and corner control speed. G6’s suspended roof design offers spacious headroom, while the long wheelbase allows roomy rear seats, maximizing driving enjoyment with abundant comfort and space. The G6’s body styling also features the XPENG family’s signature style incorporating vanishing surfaces, broad shoulders, an adaptive drag-lift electric tail, a panoramic sunroof measuring over 2 square meters.

G6’s Interior Design – Tech-savvy. Eco-friendly. Comfortable. Healthy.

With a design philosophy of simplicity, XPENG G6 introduces the “circle of life” concept for its instrument panel (IP) design. In addition to a newly designed Napa leather steering wheel, air vents that are electronically controlled from a 15” IP screen bring customers a tech-savvy design style imbued with comfort and wellness.

The G6 also offers immersive cabin comfort, supported by ergonomic seats throughout and front seats, with ventilation and heating, power adjustment, position memory and a welcome function. Additionally, G6 emphasizes material quality in its seat upholstery, adopting childproof, stain-resistant, anti-bacterial organic silicone fabric and microfiber suede for a salubrious, easy-to-clean cabin with air quality 3-10 times better than international standards.

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