Sunday, February 25, 2024
ElectricXiaomi Begins Trial Production of 50 Prototype Cars per Week

Xiaomi Begins Trial Production of 50 Prototype Cars per Week

According to Taiwan media, UDN, an insider close to Xiaomi’s automotive venture, Xiaomi’s car project is currently in the trial production phase, which has been underway for less than a month. Currently, Xiaomi is producing approximately 50 prototype cars per week.

As reported by Interface News, trial production is one of the most crucial steps before mass production. It allows for testing the smooth operation of production line equipment, process integration, worker proficiency, and comprehensive product quality checks. If issues arise during the testing of the prototypes, they will be investigated and production lines will be fine-tuned accordingly. Conversely, if the prototypes perform well in testing, it demonstrates that the production lines are generally qualified for large-scale production.

A senior figure in the automotive industry stated that the trial production phase for a new car model typically takes around four months, with full production capacity being reached in six months to a year. However, these timelines may vary based on sales demand and production line adjustments.

Reuters reported that Xiaomi’s electric car production application has already received approval from China’s government, with the next step awaiting relevant approvals from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Insiders suggest that Xiaomi’s car project is expected to receive MIIT approval in the next two months, with the latest approval likely to be granted by year-end. Once approved, Xiaomi can commence mass production.

Currently, Xiaomi’s car factory in Beijing’s Yizhuang district is actively recruiting workers on a large scale, aiming to hire around 100 employees. The average salary is between 6,000 and 7,000 Chinese yuan per month, with an 8-hour workday and weekends off, allowing for flexible start dates.

A recruitment service provider for Xiaomi’s car factory revealed that the hiring criteria for permanent employees are stringent. Candidates without relevant experience have a slim chance of success, and even workers with previous experience at companies like Mercedes-Benz or Tesla may be eliminated due to insufficient interview preparation. The majority of positions have an age limit of under 28, with a minimum educational requirement of completing a vocational school or higher. Exceptional candidates may have some flexibility in these requirements.

The same supplier also mentioned that this recruitment phase is just the initial preparation for Xiaomi’s car project. Towards the end of the year or early next year, Xiaomi’s car factory will undergo a much larger-scale recruitment effort. During that time, the working hours and rest schedule at Xiaomi’s car factory may see corresponding adjustments.

Xiaomi Group’s President recently stated during a Q2 financial report meeting that Xiaomi’s automotive venture has just completed its summer testing, and progress has been exceptionally smooth. Xiaomi’s goal of commencing mass production in the first half of 2024 remains unchanged. As of now, the automotive project is progressing exceptionally well, surpassing initial expectations and plans.

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