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Tesla Recalls 21,599 Model Ys in China Due to Potential Risks in Suspension Rod

ElectricTesla Recalls 21,599 Model Ys in China Due to Potential Risks in...

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation issued a document on Friday saying that Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. recently filed a recall plan with the state regulator in accordance with regulations and implementation measures.

According to the recall plan, from December 3, Tesla will recall some Model Y electric vehicles (EVs) produced in China from February 4, 2021 to October 30, 2021 – a total of 21,599 vehicles.

The document shows that due to various manufacturing reasons, the strength of front and rear steering knuckles on some recalled vehicles may not meet design requirements. The component may have been deformed or broken during operation, which could cause the suspension connecting rod to come out of the steering knuckle under extreme stress. This can affect a driver’s ability to control the vehicle while driving, thus increasing the risk of dangerous collisions.

Tesla’s Shanghai division will inspect the front and rear steering knuckles of vehicles within the scope of recall free of charge, and replace the parts whose strength does not meet the requirements, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards.

At the same time, the company announced emergency measures. Before the vehicle is recalled for maintenance, the customer should drive the vehicle carefully and contact a Tesla Service Center for maintenance as soon as possible.

Since the beginning of this year, Tesla has recalled cars several times due to safety problems. On June 26 of this year, Chinese regulators reported that the EV firm planned to recall 285,000 vehicles sold in the Chinese market to solve safety problems related to the active cruise control system. The models involved included imported Model 3s, as well as some Model 3s and Model Ys produced in China.

At the end of October, nearly 12,000 American Tesla cars were recalled because of software errors that may lead to an increased risk of rear-end collisions.

At present, the market’s views on Tesla are different. Some think that the company has promoted the development of the EV industry and has contributed to environmental protection. Others, however, hold the view that frequent traffic accidents and recalls have made them question the safety of Tesla’s products. Some people believe that if the company wants to achieve further development, it will be necessary for it to strengthen data security and vehicle safety to reassure consumers.

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