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SAIC and OPPO Release Vehicle-Smartphone Integration Solution


On August 24, Chinese automotive maker SAIC Motor and smartphone maker OPPO released a user-centered, vehicle/smartphone cross-end integration solution named “ecological domain”. The two sides also signed a contract to set up a joint laboratory to promote the research and development of related technologies and products.

At present, “data determines experience and software defines cars” has become a prominent trend of the intelligent vehicle industry. Ecology, meanwhile, has become an important resource of automobile intelligence. The “ecological domain” created by SAIC and OPPO looks to create a new experience of intelligent life for users based on their smart car which will communicate via the largest mobile IoT platforms while utilizing the most advanced electronic architectures and service-oriented software platforms.

Zu Sijie, vice president and chief engineer of SAIC, spoke about the developments, saying, “The ‘ecological domain’ is in line with the trend of integration of IoT terminals such as intelligent vehicles and smartphones, which will help create a new user experience.”

The “ecological domain” embodies the technical accumulation of SAIC and OPPO in smart cars, smartphones and other smart terminal devices. It will extensively integrate the core capabilities of SAIC’s Z-One Galaxy Full-stack Solution and OPPO’s “Project Pantanal,” enabling an altogether safer driving experience.

Further, the “ecological domain” puts to use the discovery and connection of devices through the wide compatibility of the underlying protocols, supporting the establishment and expansion of the ecosystem in terms of data transmission, software and hardware framework, standard establishment, and other features. The solution also reduces integration costs between automobiles and personal devices while allowing devices from different brands and models to access the necessary information.

In addition, the application within the “ecological domain” can automatically adapt to the screen size of the central control panel, the co-driver and the rear screen, while allowing developers to freely promote and share them to improve development efficiency.

At present, the two sides have preliminarily determined the product form and basic technical framework of the “ecological domain”, and achieved technological breakthroughs in data security, technical operation, ecological services, standard setting and other aspects, with more than 100 patents. In the future, both parties will share innovation achievements with the whole industry in the form of white papers.

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