Monday, May 20, 2024
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Rumors of Apple Car Possibly Using Micro LED, Could Spark an Automotive Revolution if True

According to a report by TechNews, it’s widely known that Apple has been quietly working on a not-so-secretive project known as “Project Titan,” which is centered around the development of the Apple Car. As per Autoevolution, the Apple Car might become the first vehicle to feature a Micro LED display. At the same time, TrendForce’s latest research indicates that Micro LED displays are set to become widely adopted in the automotive industry during the latter half of this century.

However, the exact unveiling date of the Apple Car remains unconfirmed. The most recent speculation suggests that this electric vehicle model could be launched in 2025 or 2026.

Apple has long aimed to incorporate Micro LED technology into its products. Initially, it was thought that the Apple Watch would be the first Apple product to adopt a Micro LED display. However, due to supply chain adjustments, the transition of the Apple Watch from OLED to Micro LED might be delayed until 2026, while Apple initially planned to introduce Micro LED technology to its watches by 2025.

Although the timeline for Micro LED introduction in the Apple Watch has been pushed to 2026, that year might witness widespread Micro LED adoption across various Apple products, including headsets, smartphones, and automotive applications.

Once Micro LED technology finds its way into the Apple Car, it’s expected to trigger emulation within the automotive industry, leading to the widespread integration of Micro LED technology in future vehicle models. TrendForce suggests that car manufacturers in Europe, America, and Japan show considerable enthusiasm for adopting Micro LED.

But what benefits does Micro LED bring to automotive applications? It’s understood that Micro LED can reduce power consumption, enhance brightness, and offer reliability. Considering the significant performance improvements and the push toward electric vehicles, once Micro LED’s benefits are demonstrated in automotive contexts, car manufacturers are expected to embrace it on a large scale.

However, the exact launch date of the Apple Car remains uncertain. While there were earlier speculations of a possible 2025 release, insiders now suggest Apple has pushed the launch to 2026. Though Apple initially had ambitious goals for Project Titan, the first Apple Car might adopt a more traditional design than initially envisioned, including features like a steering wheel and pedals.

Rumors suggest Apple’s ultimate goal for the Apple Car is to transform the cabin into a living room-like environment, with the aim of removing the steering wheel and pedals to achieve full self-driving capabilities. However, the initial Apple Car might showcase limited autonomous driving features and share design similarities with existing Tesla models.

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