Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Rotating Huawei CEO Xu Zhijun Predicts 6G Will Enter Market Around 2030

ConnectedRotating Huawei CEO Xu Zhijun Predicts 6G Will Enter Market Around 2030

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei published an article on its internal employee community platform last Friday, announcing the company’s expectations for 6G technology.

In the article, Xu Zhijun, the rotating Chairman of Huawei, said, “We expect 6G to be put into commercial use around 2030. The technical environment faced by 6G is more complex. Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, edge computing and other technologies will have an impact on 6G.”

In fact, Xu’s article is a prologue to the book “The New Journey of 6G Wireless Communications,” and the title of the article is “Looking forward to 6G, defining 6G together.”

The book’s authors are Dr. Tong Wen, CTO of Huawei Wireless, and Dr. Zhu Peiying, Senior Vice President of Wireless Research. The book is the first work that systematically describes the 6G wireless network, showing the overall vision of 6G in the intelligence era. It expounds the driving factors, key capabilities, application scenarios, key performance indicators and related technological innovations of 6G.

Xu Zhijun believes that while Huawei continues to promote the commercialization of 5G, it has also started to invest in 6G research since 2017. The book comprehensively discusses Huawei’s research findings on 6G, bearing the hope that Huawei’s sharing can inspire more people from more industries to think deeper about 6G, and from a broader perspective.

“We expect 6G to enter the market around 2030. By then, what kind of 6G will be ushered into the market is a question that the whole industry will answer together in the next decade. Whether we can answer this question well and satisfy consumers, enterprises and society is a new test for the whole industry,” Xu Zhijun said in the prologue article.

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