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ElectricProLogium Releases Video Showcasing Giga-Level Factory for Lithium Ceramic Batteries

ProLogium Releases Video Showcasing Giga-Level Factory for Lithium Ceramic Batteries

ProLogium Technology has released a video showcasing mass-production of lithium ceramic batteries at its giga-level factory in Guanyin District, Taoyuan. This facility, which started operations in January, marks a significant milestone as ProLogium transitions to full-scale production. In 2024, the factory, known as the Taoke plant, will start delivering C-samples to global automotive clients.

ProLogium has advanced the lithium-ion battery by replacing the traditional polymer separator film with a ceramic separator, overcoming the inherent limitations of conventional battery structures. This innovation led to a new battery architecture where two substrates sandwich the cathode, ceramic separator, and anode, supported by ProLogium’s exclusive Logithium™ technology, achieving capabilities unattainable by traditional batteries. This architecture can accommodate more chemical systems and materials, enhancing the battery’s energy densities. It enables fast charging from 5% to 60% in 5 minutes, translating to a range of 300-400 kilometers while maintaining a long cycle life.

Simple is best. ProLogium has managed to streamline the 17 core battery processes down to 13. 

With ProLogium’s revolutionary battery architecture and exclusive process technologies, the core production steps for lithium ceramic batteries have been streamlined from the traditional 17 steps to just 13. This reduction particularly omits the most time-consuming back-end assembly processes, such as separator film placement, electrolyte injection, vacuum soaking, and degassing. This one-stop, automated production line creates commercially competitive next-generation batteries for the market.

ProLogium’s Exclusive Process Technologies Enhance Battery Production Efficiency

Regarding electrode manufacturing, ProLogium’s use of a solid-state ceramic separator allows for processing multiple electrodes simultaneously, unlike traditional battery production, which uses polymer separator films and processes only one piece at a time. ProLogium’s exclusive coating process enables efficient roll-to-roll operation with automatic roll changeover. This special coating process, which applies the ceramic separator directly to the anode, eliminates the need for a separator film placement step.

Compared to its first-generation technology, ProLogium’s current machinery boasts a 2.6-fold increase in width and a 2.1-fold increase in operating length, significantly boosting productivity. The production line speed is over four times that of the previous generation, overcoming a major technical limitation faced by traditional battery production. Additionally, ProLogium has co-developed a specialized oven with its partner, specifically designed for lithium ceramic batteries. This proprietary design facilitates rapid drying of the electrodes, enhancing production efficiency for next-generation batteries.

Following electrode manufacturing is ProLogium’s exclusive “hot flow dehydration” process. This technique enables rapid dehydration at 200 degrees Celsius during the roll winding process, completing the task in just 8 minutes. In contrast, traditional battery processes require 8 hours for dehydration through “vacuum drying.” This significantly enhances production efficiency.

ProLogium’s groundbreaking “Electrode Assembly to Form an Inlay” technology allows for the simultaneous alignment and attachment of 12 cathode and anode electrodes through a single hot press. This method, applying high temperature and pressure, reduces interface resistance and improves electrical performance. This advancement significantly increases production speed and capacity for next-generation batteries, setting ProLogium’s lithium ceramic batteries apart from traditional ones, which can only attach one piece at a time due to material thermal limitations.

Overcoming the Most Challenging “Multilayer Yield” Hurdle: The One and Only Logithium™ Printer at ProLogium

Achieving high yield rates from single-layer to multilayer production is the final hurdle in mass-producing next-generation batteries, often requiring years to master. ProLogium holds over 800 patents, with hundreds focused on enhancing yield, spanning cell structure to process design. At the forefront is the Logithium™ printer, unique to ProLogium. This patented technology ensures precise alignment and attachment during manufacturing, also serving as a moisture barrier to prevent short circuits. It has achieved single-layer yields of 99.9% and multilayer yields of 94% on the pilot line.

Additionally, ProLogium employs other exclusive processes such as film laminators and flexo printing machines, both absent in traditional battery manufacturing. Along with over 4,000 quality checkpoints and automatic inspection equipment, these processes ensure higher yield and optimal quality.

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