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ProLogium receives €1.5 billion public grant for Its Gigafactory Project in Dunkirk


ProLogium, an energy innovation company specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of next-generation EV solid-state battery solutions has selected France as the location for its first large-scale solid-state battery manufacturing plant outside Asia. Today, the European Commission greenlights a substantial grant to support ProLogium’s scale-up project in Europe, highlighting ProLogium’s contribution to the achievement of the European Green Deal and EU battery strategy.

The grant from the French government, approved by the European Commission under the European framework for State aid for research, development, and innovation (RDIF), will serve as a robust backing for ProLogium’s project in researching and developing a new generation of batteries for electric vehicles and to set up a 48 GWh gigafactory in Dunkirk, France.

This substantial investment amounts to a total of €5.2 billion. ProLogium will receive the €1.5 billion grant according to different milestones until 2029. ProLogium will share the technical results gained through the project and collaborate with local industry, academia and customers based on FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non-discriminatory) conditions and mutual benefits.

ProLogium said “These decisions demonstrate the commercial viability of ProLogium’s solid-state battery technology. Strong endorsements of the project will not only supply the European automotive industry with advanced batteries manufactured using decarbonized energy but will also play a pivotal role in the French government’s green reindustrialization strategy.”

ProLogium’s investment in the region is substantial, and its impact will be long-lasting. The gigafactory will not only create 3,000 jobs but also establish a comprehensive research and development ecosystem.” commented Gilles Normand, President of ProLogium Europe.

The next step for ProLogium is the launch of the public consultation process under the aegis of the CNDP, which will begin in September 2023. Construction of the Gigafactory is set to begin in the second half of 2024, with production estimated to start by the end of 2026. ProLogium is actively scouting locations for its R&D center. As part of its expansion, ProLogium will initiate the recruitment process, seeking talented professionals to spearhead these projects.

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