Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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NTT DATA and Aurora Labs cooperate on software over-the-air updates supported by AI and 5G connectivity

NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services provider, and Aurora Labs, an automotive artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced their global strategic cooperation in the Automotive Industry, with first joint projects in production and logistics. Companies benefit from intelligent combination of AI technology and 5G for scalable and agile over-the-air (OTA) software updates with superior efficiency and end-to-end security including the 5G transport layer.

Five times more vehicles in one-fifth of the time

NTT DATA and Aurora Labs’ intelligent 5G over-the-air update is based on a self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) technology by Aurora Labs and built-in self-optimization. With the combination of AI, which significantly reduces the amount of data that needs to be transmitted, and 5G connectivity, a 25-fold increase in efficiency is achievable and updates of 5000 nodes (cars) per radio cell are possible compared to 1000 end nodes in 4G networks. These revolutionary services help reduce time and cost while also lowering kW/Bit to deliver on our joint commitment to sustainability.

Public 5G networks are currently rolled out in area-wide. To supplement this, companies can now build their own 5G network that can be restricted to a dedicated building, factory or lot, providing independent 5G that only authorised subscribers are able to connect to. Private 5G networks provide advanced reliability: uninterrupted connectivity, low latency and high bandwidth.

The combination of a self-contained network with software update files created by Aurora Labs’ proprietary, non-open-source algorithms results in unparalleled security. Built for evolution and scalability, NTT DATA’s solutions are designed to grow with the client’s demand – achieving continuously increasing speeds and coverage to meet the customer’s over-the-air update needs without increasing the cost of hardware such as antennae, base stations or device memory.

Aurora Labs’ AI-based Vehicle Software Intelligence (VSI) solutions are being used by global automotive and device manufacturers to continuously collect actionable data and obtain a deep understanding of the changes made to the vehicle’s software. Integrating the VSI solution early into the software development lifecycle streamlines the development process and creates the industry’s smallest update files. Aurora Labs’ AI-based Vehicle Software Intelligence offers significant economic benefits to the auto industry with a clear cost-effective value proposition, saving up to 98% of device hardware and data transmission costs for software updates.

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