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LiangDao Intelligence Reaches Strategic Cooperation With Mercedes-Benz AG


Lidar firm LiangDao Intelligence announced on Thursday that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Urban Mobility Solutions division of Mercedes-Benz Group. Under the arrangement, the two parties will carry out cooperation on an urban intelligent transportation project in Wuppertal, Germany. They will also provide big data intelligent transportation solutions for city managers based on cloud services, through the integrated analysis and evaluation of high-precision detection from lidar and vehicle data of Mercedes-Benz AG’s mass-production vehicles.

The project was initiated by the governmental department of Wuppertal, and LiangDao Intelligence, as the project system supplier, collected and analyzed traffic flow data of pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles by using the roadside perception fusion system deployed in the main streets of the city.

For its part of the cooperation, Mercedes-Benz AG will provide driving behavior and vehicle positioning data of its mass-production vehicles after desensitization, and develop the traffic data flow model of smart cities by LiangDao Intelligence.

Based on the traffic flow data model, LiangDao Intelligence will carry out multidimensional data fusion analysis, evaluation and tool chain deployment on the cloud, predicting the traffic intentions of pedestrians and vehicles on the main traffic roads in real time. This will output traffic flow and traffic forecast data, and it will provide support for the intelligent traffic upgrade of the city through big data analysis.

Wuppertal is one of the 28 smart cities announced by the German Federal Ministry of Interior in July 2021, and it has received financial support from the German Federal Government for smart city construction. As the first urban pilot project among 28 smart cities, the cooperation between LiangDao Intelligence and Mercedes-Benz AG is expected to be further promoted in other pilot cities after achieving success.

Through this project cooperation, LiangDao Intelligence and Mercedes-Benz AG will work together to promote sustainable urban transportation construction. At the same time, LiangDao Intelligence will also accumulate more urban road scenario data, enhancing data fusion analysis and full-stack service capabilities as a lidar system supplier.

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