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ElectricLi Auto's Latest Flagship Model Li L9 Showcases its in-house R&D

Li Auto’s Latest Flagship Model Li L9 Showcases its in-house R&D

Li Auto has revealed details of its flagship model – Li L9, a six-seat full-size SUV on June 21st. The latest model is hitting the 30,000 milestone in pre-order with a 5,000 RMB deposit after launching for less than 72 hours. The Li L9 Smart SUV is powered by its self-developed flagship range extension and chassis system. It also features the Company’s self-developed smart driving system, Li AD Max, and top-notch vehicle safety measures to protect every passenger on road.

Flagship Proprietary Car Technologies

Li Auto’s latest model Li L9 is packed with a series of flagship proprietary cutting-edge technologies and systems that are designed and engineered in-house, among which is the flagship chassis system that combines advanced hardware and software to bring excellent drivability and maneuverability.

The flagship Li L9 prides itself on delivering outstanding handling and uncompromising ride experience. Early into the development stage, Li Auto had been exploring and developing a central domain controller for its latest chassis system, especially a ‘super gateway’ to control and generate quick responses among four important vehicle units including the Range Extension System, Air-Conditioning System, Seat System, and Thermal Management System. Partnership with one of the world’s largest suppliers of automobile semiconductors – NXP Semiconductors N.V. has enabled Li Auto to support the needs of new vehicle architectures.

Li L9 is one the first production models that deploys NXP’s S32G automotive network processors on its flagship chassis system. The family of NXP S32G vehicle network processors marks a significant turning point in how vehicle architectures are designed and implemented, transforming the automotive industry to a high-performance domain-based vehicle architecture and providing software with minimal complexities and enhanced security and safety.

Li L9 is one of the first production models that deploys NXP’s S32G automotive network processors on its flagship chassis system

Li Auto‘s latest SUV model Li L9 is distinguished by the S32G processors, bringing an extra layer to the performance experience. The S32G processors not only provide ASIL D MCU and MPU performance with application-specific network hardware acceleration that offloads processors to provide valued services with deterministic network performance necessary for the car to respond to the sophisticated real-time driving circumstances. The S32G processors also embed high-performance hardware security acceleration, along with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support for trusted key management enabled by its Hardware Security Engine (HSE). The firewalled HSE is the root of trust supporting secure boot, providing system security, and protecting against side-channel attacks.

Outfitting the Li L9’s chassis system with the NXP’s VR5510, a NXP’s multi-channel high-voltage PMIC device is designed specifically for the S32G vehicle network processor. It is optimizing high-speed processing of complex vehicle information and precise vehicle control with millisecond response time.

The partnership between Li Auto and NXP Semiconductors N.V. is reshaping the technological landscape of the smart SUVs and both sides are looking forward to exploring new possibilities in fields that go beyond chassis.

Flagship Intelligent Configurations

Every Li L9 comes standard with the Company’s flagship, full-stack self-developed ADAS, Li AD Max, with enhanced functionality bolstered by upgraded perception capability and data processing power. The perception hardware includes one forward 128-line LiDAR, six 8-megapixel cameras, five 2-megapixel cameras, one forward millimeter wave radar, and twelve ultrasonic sensors, realizing 360-degree detection of both vehicle surroundings and distant objects.

Li L9’s pioneering five-screen three-dimensional interactive mode elevates the driving and entertainment experience to a new level. Through a combined head-up display, or HUD, and interactive safe driving screen, key driving information is projected onto the front windshield through the HUD, enhancing driving safety by keeping the driver’s sightline on the road. The interactive safe driving screen, which is located above the steering wheel, adopts mini-LED and multi-touch technology, enabling easier interactions. Li L9’s other three screens, including the vehicle’s central control screen, the passenger entertainment screen, and the rear cabin entertainment screen, are 15.7-inch 3K automotive-grade OLED screens, delivering first-class entertainment experiences to the entire family.

With six microphones and a set of 3D ToF transmitters in the vehicle coupled with the deep learning-based, multi-module three-dimensional interactive technology pioneered by the Company, Li L9 provides a smart experience that can be enjoyed by family members of all ages, from kindergarteners to seniors.

Unique Exterior and Interior Design Language

The Li L9’s new exterior and interior design radiates avant-garde design language, an embodiment of technology savvy, modern purity, and timeless presence.

From its stance to its proportions, every inch of the front and rear of the car showcase designer’s attitude towards excellence and perfection. Li L9 showcases an elegant silhouette with no complicated or redundant lines in its design language. Li L9 adopts a signature integrated halo LED headlight, which is more than 2 meters from end to end in a continuous flow and seamlessly combines functionality with art. Its uniformity, coherence, softness and color temperature are all industry-leading.

The goal of Li L9 is to produce a flagship smart SUV for millions of families. With flagship space and comfort, it aims to make every member of the family feel at home on their journey. Inside the luxury cabin, six seats are designed to maximize passenger comfort and reduce travel fatigue. All three rows come standard with electric seat adjustment controls and seat heating functions, as well as 3D comfort foam cushioning and Nappa leather upholstery. Features for the first- and second-row seats include seat ventilation and spa-level massage across ten acupressure points.

Over 30,000 Pre-Oder after 72-Hour Debut

Online pre-order for Li L9 flagship smart SUV is available after the unveiling of Li L9 on June 21st, 2022. Meanwhile, 14 roadshows of the latest model Li L9 are scheduled across 12 cities that last for a week. The moment online reservation is available, more than 30,000 customers have placed their deposit of 5,000 RMB for pre-order in less than 72 hours after the initial debut.

With strong order bank, on July 1st, 2022, the flagship model Li L9 is available for a showcase at every Li Auto retail store across the country. A test drive will be available from July 16th and the first customer delivery is expected to begin at the end of August 2022.

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