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ConnectedKia Integrates LG Electronics’ webOS in Upcoming EV3 SUV

Kia Integrates LG Electronics’ webOS in Upcoming EV3 SUV

In a significant collaboration, LG Electronics Inc. will equip Kia Corp.’s forthcoming EV3 SUV with its webOS platform. This move underscores the deepening ties between LG and Hyundai Motor Group in the realm of in-vehicle infotainment systems.

LG’s webOS-powered content platform will enable EV3 drivers to access a suite of 12 streaming services, including popular options like Netflix, YouTube, TVing, and LG Channels. This platform ensures compliance with driving safety regulations, providing real-time entertainment on the go.

Kia, South Korea’s second-largest automaker and an affiliate of Hyundai Motor Co., is set to launch the EV3 in Korea this July. The electric SUV will debut in Europe in the fourth quarter and reach the US market next year. Aimed at rejuvenating the slowing growth in the clean automobile sector, the EV3 is designed to offer eco-friendly options to budget-conscious consumers without compromising on advanced technology. The compact SUV boasts a 12.3-inch display, a premium feature borrowed from Kia’s flagship all-electric SUV, the EV9.

Kia EV3 electric SUV interior

Strengthening Hyundai-LG Partnership

This latest venture follows an agreement from last October, where LG Electronics committed to providing its webOS platform for Hyundai’s redesigned GV80 and GV80 Coupe under the Genesis brand. This collaboration marks a significant step in LG’s strategy to strengthen its foothold in the automotive infotainment market.

Earlier this year, LG Display supplied a 27-inch premium OLED panel for Hyundai’s 2024 Genesis GV80. Additionally, LG Innotek, a leading camera module manufacturer, has partnered with Hyundai Mobis to develop patented autonomous driving technologies.

Hyundai’s SDV Initiative

LG’s foray into the automotive sector leverages its expertise from its widely used smart TV operating system, which powers over 200 million devices globally. The company aims to transition from a TV manufacturer to a content provider, with webOS offering a vast array of streaming content.

Hyundai’s focus has shifted to software enhancements such as in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems and autonomous driving technologies. Earlier this year, Hyundai’s self-driving unit, 42dot Inc., revealed a collaboration with Samsung Electronics to develop an AI-powered SDV platform.

Expanding LG Channels

LG’s Automotive Content Platform (ACP) is set to offer an enriched streaming experience with the inclusion of LG Channels, providing over 80 channels and more than 400 VOD options, including movies, dramas, and children’s content. This service, initially launched on the Genesis GV80, is poised to expand with additional content in the near future.

The integration of LG’s webOS in Kia’s EV3 represents a strategic move to enhance the in-car entertainment experience while fostering innovation in the automotive industry. As the lines between technology and transportation continue to blur, collaborations like these are set to redefine the driving experience.

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