Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Self-DrivingKakao Mobility and HL Mando Partner to Commercialize Autonomous Parking

Kakao Mobility and HL Mando Partner to Commercialize Autonomous Parking

Kakao Mobility and HL Mando are joining forces to advance autonomous parking technology and develop commercial services, aiming to create smart parking lots integrated with parking robots. This collaboration was formalized through an “Autonomous Parking Robot Service Commercialization Agreement,” signed at Pangyo Next M on May 13.

The partnership will focus on integrating HL Mando’s autonomous parking robot, ‘Parkie,’ into smart parking solutions. Kakao Mobility and its subsidiary, KM Parking & Space, will lead the development of digital twins to facilitate autonomous parking operations. HL Mando, meanwhile, will concentrate on refining the commercial capabilities of ‘Parkie,’ which was honored with the ‘Best Innovation Award’ at CES 2024 for its cutting-edge self-driving technology.

‘Parkie’ is equipped with the ability to navigate beneath a vehicle, lift it, and park it accurately in a designated spot, significantly enhancing parking space efficiency. This innovation is set to be a cornerstone of the collaborative efforts between the two companies.

The smart parking lot services envisioned will incorporate robot valet parking powered by HL Mando’s ‘Parkie’ and will explore new market opportunities. Kakao Mobility’s role will include building and operating smart parking lot services, integrating them with the Kakao T platform, and utilizing digital twin technology to simulate and test these services.

Digital twin technology is crucial to the project, allowing extensive testing of autonomous parking systems in virtual environments that replicate real-world conditions. This method overcomes the logistical challenges of testing in operational parking lots, particularly in locations with limited space or buildings not initially designed for robotic infrastructure.

“Combining Kakao Mobility’s Kakao T, Kakao Navi platform, and digital twin technology with HL Mando’s ‘Parkie’ will enable the development of various innovative services,” a Kakao Mobility spokesperson stated. Potential applications include seamless vehicle retrieval for proxy drivers and optimizing parking lot efficiency by automatically relocating electric vehicles post-charging.

Ryu Geung-sun, CEO of Kakao Mobility, emphasized the significance of parking infrastructure in the future mobility industry. He stated, “We will strengthen cooperation with various technology companies based on mobility infrastructure and digital twin technology, and support the commercialization of future mobility technology and the entry of domestic companies into overseas markets.”

This partnership between Kakao Mobility and HL Mando is poised to pioneer new advancements in the autonomous parking sector, contributing to the broader evolution of smart mobility solutions worldwide.

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