Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Huawei’s Wang Jun Reiterates Company Has No Intention of Manufacturing Vehicles

BusinessHuawei’s Wang Jun Reiterates Company Has No Intention of Manufacturing Vehicles

At the 17th Super Car Forum held on Thursday, Wang Jun, COO of Huawei’s Smart Car Solution Business Unit, expressed his views on the development of smart cars.

Wang Jun believes that there won’t be major smart vehicle makers in the industry. Further, the decision to purchase a vehicle rests primarily with the consumer and is very much region-specific. The decision can also be influenced by policy decisions. Only a very complex and comprehensive industry can meet the demand and support the co-existence of so many different brands.

In regard to the recent development of the SERES SF5 and AITO M5, which have caught the attention of outside sources, Wang said that Huawei’s automobile business is divided into two parts. From the perspective of a smart car BU, it aims to help car makers build a good car. Huawei Smart Selection business’ focus is to help car companies build good cars, an aim it says will never change.

After two or three years of in-depth cooperation between Huawei and BAIC Group, the HI version of Arcfox Alpha S will be available on the market soon. Previously, Huawei reached agreements with BAIC Group, Changan Automobile and GAC Motor. Wang said that, in the future, there will not be as much cooperation since this kind of cooperation takes up a lot of Huawei’s resources. At present, Huawei still hopes to focus on these car companies and will support their manufacturing aspirations.

Yu Chengdong, Executive Director, CEO of the Consumer Business Group, said that Huawei should challenge the annual sales target of 300,000 vehicles while Wang bluntly said that nothing is impossible. The first is to see if the product is good enough and if users favor the company’s products. The second is to see if the sales channel is strong enough and functional enough so that enough cars can be sold. If these two points can be achieved, the company believes its target will certainly be realized.

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