Tuesday, June 18, 2024
BusinessHuawei’s Chief Functional Safety Expert Joins NIO

Huawei’s Chief Functional Safety Expert Joins NIO

She Xiaoli, chief functional safety expert at Huawei’s automotive business unit, will join NIO as an in-house expert in algorithm research, Auto-Time reported on November 12, citing multiple sources.

She joined Baidu in 2015 as a functional safety expert after receiving her PhD from Tsinghua University, and introduced functional safety concepts to Baidu’s autonomous driving business unit.

In 2016, She joined Huawei as chief functional safety expert and chief big data application expert, leading the design of vehicle-side data collection, cloud processing architecture, and value-added cloud applications applicable to autonomous driving data features, the report noted. In May 2019, Huawei’s automotive business unit was established with a group of technical experts, including She Xiaoli.

Facing the vigorous wave of new firms entering the automotive industry, Huawei, which claims it will not build its own cars, has lost much senior talent this year.

Chen Qi, founder of Huawei’s self-driving team and head of its self-driving R&D department, had left in the middle of this year and recently joined Zeekr as Vice President of its self-driving business.

In addition, according to 36Kr’s previous report, in the last six months, Jiang Jun, head of maps and data, Zhang Xiaohong, director of intelligent driving product group, Peng Xueming, head of fusion sensing, and others have successively left Huawei’s auto business unit. Among them, Zhang Xiaohong joined NIO as a senior product manager in April this year.

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