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Huawei Unveils AITO’s First Pure EV Model M5 EV

ElectricHuawei Unveils AITO’s First Pure EV Model M5 EV

On the afternoon of September 6, at Huawei’s Mate 50 series smartphone and autumn new product launch conference, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer BG, released the AITO M5 EV, the first pure electric vehicle model from the AITO brand. The standard edition of the vehicle is priced at 288,600 yuan ($41,470) after subsidies, while the performance edition is priced at 319,800 yuan.

At the press conference, Yu focused on Huawei’s adaptive dynamic torque system, named HUAWEI DATS, which is found on the AITO M5 EV, saying that it can enhance ride comfort and reduce shaking. He said, “At present, there are only two companies in the world that have mastered this technology, Tesla and Huawei.”

The AITO M5 EV adopts an all-aluminum alloy chassis and has adopted a newly updated energy-saving mode to improve endurance. When fully charged and in energy-saving mode, the M5 EV rear-drive version can achieve 620 km of CLTC (China light-duty vehicle test cycle) range, while the four-drive version can achieve 552 km of CLTC range.

The EV is equipped with HUAWEI’s DriveONE pure electric drive intelligent platform, and adopts a four-wheel drive combination consisting of an AC asynchronous motor and rear permanent magnet synchronous motor, which can move the vehicle from 0 to 100km/h in 4.5 seconds and enables a braking distance of 35.3 meters.

In order to solve concerns about cruising range, the AITO M5 EV provides an intelligent charging function. It shows the current power consumption of the vehicle given its current driving range, and can then plot available charging stations while en route. While driving, the vehicle also displays site information, low power warnings, super power saving mode, user friendly charging and payment, and other functions.

At the event, Yu revealed that AITO vehicles are compatible with 35 different charging pile operators in China and 97% of public charging piles.

AITO is a joint brand between Huawei and Seres and belongs to the Smart Selection model among the three methods Huawei works with automotive companies. The brand is not only equipped with Huawei products such as the HarmonyOS intelligent console, but also sells its vehicles through Huawei’s stores.

At present, there are two products under the AITO brand, namely M5 and M7, with a price range of 249,800 yuan to 319,800 yuan and 319,800 yuan to 379,800 yuan, respectively, and both are Hybrid electric vehicles. Mr. Yu said that the delivery volume of AITO vehicles in August was 10,045 units.

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