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Huawei Tests “FusionCharge” Piles

ElectricHuawei Tests “FusionCharge” Piles

Huawei has built and is now operating a supercharging station for electric cars at its base in Shenzhen, according to Chinese blogger “Electric Planet Xiaoxin” on March 21. The blogger also mentioned that there were 8 piles at the station and are currently being used for internal testing.

The blogger also released photos of the piles which appear to be Huawei’s 600kW supercharging piles. The pictures showed that the charging piles are the same red color as Huawei’s brand logo, and each is designed in one pile for one charge. There appears to be a heat radiation device at the bottom of the piles.

According to the nameplate information of the charging piles, its manufacturer is Huawei Digital Power, measures 295 mm × 340 mm × 1700 mm, with a product model of DT600L1-CNA1. The model is consistent with the FusionCharge DC terminal disclosed on Huawei’s official website. According to the company’s official website, the terminal adopts liquid-cooled heat radiation with an output voltage range between 200V and 1000V, while the maximum output current is 600A and maximum output power is 600kW.

According to a report by STAR Market Daily, the charging power of 600kW means “600-degree electricity can be charged in one hour”. Then it takes only 10 minutes to charge 100 degrees, and the charging efficiency is greatly improved. For example, in regard to the AITO M5’s battery capacity, if it could be kept at 600kW all the time, the M5 electric car can be fully charged in less than 10 minutes.

In contrast, the general power of supercharging piles in the market is still around 300kW, and the peak power of Tesla’s V3 supercharging piles is only 250kW. Using Tesla’s device, a car can charge for 15 minutes and has a range of 250 km. The peak power of the Porsche 800V high voltage supercharging piles also tops 270kW, and it takes only 30 minutes to charge a car from 5% to 80%.

Tesla’s V4 supercharging piles with a maximum power of 600kW was put into use in Holland in March. In China, domestic brands such as Teld and GAC Aion have launched charging piles with a maximum output power of 600kW. Among them, 10 XFC (eXtreme Fast Charging) supercharging stations jointly built by Greater Bay Technology and Teld were officially launched in Guangzhou in May 2022. The maximum output power of its overcharge terminal is 600KW, and adopts the “gas station-like” mode, which can achieve a range of over 300km after charging for five minutes.

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