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Gotion High-Tech Launches Semi-Solid-State Battery


Gotion High-Tech, developer, producer and seller of power batteries, power transmission and distribution equipment as well as other power supplies for vehicles, convened its 11th Technology Conference. The Company launched several new products at the Conference, including the semi-solid flow battery with a capacity density of 360Wh/kg, the JTM+ Gotion power exchange technology named Leishi and the EPLUS intelligent mobile energy storage charging pile.

Semi-solid-state batteries will be loaded this year. For models equipped with semi-solid-state batteries, the battery pack will reach 160 kWh, with a driving mileage of 1,000 km, and an acceleration time of only 3.9s per 100 km. The Company has developed the prototype sample of NCM semi-solid-state batteries with a capacity density of  400Wh/Kg in its laboratory. It will accelerate the transition from liquid batteries to semi-solid flow ones and finally complement all-solid-state batteries through technological innovation of silicon-based anode iteration, lithium metal anode and pre-lithium technology.

By carrying the LFP cell with a capacity density of 210Wh/kg on its independently developed JTM system and integrating it with Gotion power exchange technology named Leishi, the Company has entered the field of power exchange to realize the integration of charging, exchange and storage of batteries. Products carrying this technology have received bulk orders and will soon be listed in the Announcement of New Vehicle Catalog issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

Gotion will continuously deepen its cooperation with Volkswagen. There are more than 100 members in the joint project team of Volkswagen and Gotion, covering all functional areas such as cell R&D, manufacturing process, project management, quality control, and performance testing. Volkswagen has signed a purchase agreement with Gotion High-Tech on its self-developed NCM batteries and LFP Unified Cells.

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