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BusinessEVE Energy to Supply Batteries for BMW in Europe

EVE Energy to Supply Batteries for BMW in Europe

Reuters reported on August 17 that EVE Energy will provide large cylindrical batteries for BMW’s electric vehicles in Europe. The Chinese battery maker responded that it had obtained BMW’s designated letter before, and its production line is currently under construction. Once completed, the production line will be supplied following negotiations involving both parties.

According to the Reuters report, EVE Energy has signed a contract with BMW to become the main battery supplier for BMW’s electric vehicles to be launched in Europe in 2025. Sources said Guangdong-based EVE’s batteries will be similar in size with Tesla’s 4680 cylindrical battery.

EVE Energy was established in 2001 and listed on the Shenzhen GEM in 2009. After 21 years of rapid development, it has become a globally competitive lithium battery platform company, with core technologies and comprehensive solutions for consumer batteries and power batteries, and its products are widely used in the fields of Internet of Things and energy.

Zheng Weigong, technical director for cylindrical products of the EVE Energy Research Institute, introduced that the company’s cylindrical battery solution has the advantages of economy, safety and standardization. Further, that the company’s products are widely used in electric tools, garden tools, vacuum cleaners, electric two-wheeled vehicles and other fields.

EVE Energy creates cylindrical battery solutions such as the 18650, 21700, C32, C33 and C40 models, all of which demonstrate high levels of performance in power output, duration and temperature endurance. With such benefits, the batteries can effectively improve the battery life of two-wheeled vehicles and prolong the cycle life of the battery itself.

Before BMW, EVE Energy was selected as Bosch’s supplier in March this year, providing the latter with lithium-ion power batteries for auxiliary applications of electric vehicles in the global market. In addition to Bosch, EVE Energy has obtained supply orders from other internationally renowned car companies, including Daimler AG, Hyundai Kia Motors, and Jaguar Land Rover.

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