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Do You Need a Warranty on Your Tesla?


Tesla has sold a few thousand vehicles in the past few years, which speaks to its popularity, but does it speak to its reliability?

That is a difficult question to answer. While they are designed to be long-lasting cars, warranties still could help with repairs that do crop up.

It helps if you know what is included in a factory warranty and how long you can expect coverage to last. You will also be better informed if you know your extended warranty options, too.

The Core Elements of a Tesla Warranty
When you buy a Tesla straight off the factory floor, your brand-new shiny car comes with a 4-year/50,0000-mile comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Your battery is also under warranty for a total of eight years or 100,000 miles, although some batteries are covered up to 150,000 miles.

Tesla Service – source: Tesla

Under the factory warranty, your car is covered for most parts as well as systems in the vehicle. What you will not see is a typical powertrain warranty because it is not a gas-powered car. Instead, you will see coverage for the battery, supplemental restraint system, and rust.

The warranty will also transfer to a new owner if the original owner makes the request. You may have a few additional hoops to jump through with a dealership, but if a used Tesla that you’ve purchased hasn’t passed the warranty expiration date, then you’re owed what’s left of the factory warranty.

Tesla Warranty Exclusions
You can expect some exclusions, but that is normal with any vehicle warranty. You are responsible for normal wear and tear, like brake replacements, and for anything caused by not properly maintaining your car as expected.

Also, Tesla can void your warranty if you do not fulfill your obligations for keeping it. For example, if you do not install the necessary software updates in a timely manner and something breaks, that’s on you and won’t be covered.

If you do not comply with any recalls that may come out, you’re also out of luck if the recalled part breaks. Simply put, if you do not do what you are supposed to, then Tesla does not have to cover any repairs.

Extended Warranties for Your Tesla
Tesla offers some extended warranties but only under certain conditions. You must purchase an extended warranty directly from Tesla no more than 30 days or 1000 miles after your original factory warranty expires.

If you do not, then you will not qualify to buy a Tesla extended warranty directly from the factory.

You can always choose to go with a third-party warranty if you miss the window, but you are still limited in your options. There aren’t too many extended car warranty companies that offer warranties on electric vehicles, but it’s still worth getting if you can.

Tesla Service – source: Tesla

A third-party warranty is also going to be more flexible regarding where you can take your car for repairs. Under a Tesla factory warranty, you must take your vehicle to Tesla. With a third-party option, you have more mechanics available to you if something breaks down.

Also, Tesla does not have the same warranty available for every model, so that might make you consider a third-party company anyway.

Buying an Extended Car Warranty
If you have decided to purchase an extended car warranty for your Tesla, do the same thing you would in any other situation: Call around for quotes.

The list of companies to call will be shorter than that for gas-powered car warranties, but it is worth getting a few quotes to compare pricing.

You might also be able to customize your coverage to include specific things, like the battery or other electrical components, to get the best extended car warranty for your needs.

You can cancel a third-party extended warranty at any time, and you’ll receive a prorated refund. The same concept applies if you decide to cancel a Tesla factory extended warranty; you will receive a refund.

Any existing claims will be deducted from the balance owed to you, and then they will send the rest of it back to you.

The Bottom Line
Given the high volume of cars that Tesla has sold over the years, it is not surprising that more people want to know about warranties for their electric vehicles.

Keep in mind that there will be exclusions, just like with other warranties, so know what you are getting into when you choose a warranty.

Before you go out and buy an extended warranty, consider the factory warranty if the car is still covered. There’s no point in buying extra coverage if you don’t need it.

If you want to buy an extended warranty directly from Tesla, keep the expiration date in mind. Should you decide to go the third-party route, then you will have to make a few phone calls to figure out what works for you.

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