Tuesday, June 18, 2024

DJI’s Automobile Device Team Increases to Nearly 1,000

Self-DrivingDJI’s Automobile Device Team Increases to Nearly 1,000

China Securities Journal reported on Monday that Xie Tiandi, the head of DJI’s automobile device business, had said at a recent exchange and experience event for the company’s products that his team was working on many businesses and is giving full play to its strengths and choosing partners who share the same interests with DJI.

In April this year, DJI’s automobile device business made its debut, which is an intelligent driving business brand under DJI. It is committed to the R&D, production and sales of intelligent driving systems and their core components. The team is expanding rapidly, with nearly 1,000 members currently in its employ.

The company said that it had, by the end of 2020, obtained more than 1,000 patents in smart driving and related fields based on its accumulation in the fields of perception, positioning, decision-making, as well as planning and control.

The SGMW equipped with DJI’s intelligent driving solution will be put into mass production and will go on sale soon. Volkswagen China is also cooperating with DJI for joint development of advanced auxiliary driving.

The technology owned by DJI could provide automated driving experiences such as getting on and off ramps, changing lanes and overtaking other vehicles. Xie Tiandi said that DJI is now working to develop its L2 automated driving capabilities.

In December 220, DJI announced that its intelligent driving solution, the D80 urban expressway intelligent driving system, had passed the A-SPICE CL2. Later, in March 2021, DJI Car passed the SPICE for HWE/MEE CL1, thus becoming China’s first first-tier suppliers with the certification of the system in addition to the software and hardware development of related technologies.

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