Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Self-DrivingBlack Sesame Technologies’ A1000 Chip to Begin Mass Production This Year

Black Sesame Technologies’ A1000 Chip to Begin Mass Production This Year

Chinese semiconductor manufacturer Black Sesame Technologies announced on Monday that its Huashan-2 A1000 autonomous driving chip has fully matured in terms of functional safety, information security and reliability, and will begin mass production this year.

With the rapid development of the intelligent new energy vehicle industry, autonomous driving functions have gradually become the standard for newly introduced EV models. Chips that comply with vehicle standards will become the basis for realizing widespread autonomous driving. There are many thresholds for chips to reach the mass production stage, including building reliable chip products, developing mature software systems and meeting vehicle standards.

Black Sesame Technologies has spent three years developing its Huashan series of autonomous driving chips. The Huashan chips have completed the verification of mainstream operating systems in the industry, including Linux, QNX, RT-Thread and Windriver.

The Shanhai artificial intelligence development platform independently developed by Black Sesame Technologies gives full play to the advantages of A1000’s multi-dimensional neural network accelerator, achieving the transmission of over 4000 frames per second.

The firm’s Shanhai platform has more than 50 AI reference models to reduce the threshold for algorithm development. It supports dynamic multi-core task allocation and customer-defined operator development, and provides an easy-to-use tool chain development kit and application support.

In addition, Black Sesame Technologies provides a large number of sample codes suitable for different autonomous driving functions and scenarios, supporting rapid mass production solutions for customers.

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