Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Self-DrivingAutoX Now Operates China’s Largest Fully Driverless Robotaxi Service Area Covering 65...

AutoX Now Operates China’s Largest Fully Driverless Robotaxi Service Area Covering 65 Square Miles of Shenzhen

Alibaba-backed autonomous driving firm AutoX now operates China’s largest service area for fully driverless Robotaxis, spanning 65 square miles of Shenzhen, China’s leading tech hub located in the southern province of Guangdong. Able to navigate all the public roads in the city’s Pingshan District, AutoX has become the first Robotaxi service to cover an entire district of a Chinese megalopolis.

In January this year, AutoX became the second company in the world to offer a fully driverless Robotaxi service when it launched a pilot service in Shenzhen.

After 10 months of operation, the service area in Shenzhen gradually expanded to become the largest fully driverless Robotaxi zone in China. AutoX’s driverless Robotaxis operate day and night, in rain and fog, and on all public roads in Shenzhen’s 65-square-mile service area.

In tandem with the announcement, AutoX released a new video of its driverless Robotaxi navigating the expanded service area – swiftly driving through the commercial center of Shenzhen, arriving at its high-speed train station, and pulling up to the curb in front of a long line of parked vehicles dropping off passengers.

Founded in 2016, AutoX launched the world’s second and China’s first fully driverless Robotaxi service, open to the public since January 2021. Headquartered in Shenzhen, AutoX has eight offices and five R&D centers globally.

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