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ams OSRAM Launches Intelligent Multipixel EVIYOS® 2.0 LED for Precision Adaptive Headlights

Electronicsams OSRAM Launches Intelligent Multipixel EVIYOS® 2.0 LED for Precision Adaptive Headlights

ams OSRAM introduces EVIYOS® 2.0 a new type of intelligent multipixel LED that enables fully adaptive, dynamic headlight operation and image projection.

EVIYOS® 2.0 can selectively illuminate the road ahead to maximize the driver’s view in high-beam mode without creating the glare typically experienced by other road users. The chip’s 25,600 individually controllable LEDs with a pixel pitch of 40 µm can also project high-resolution images on to the road surface, for instance to display warning symbols to the driver or other road users, or to guide the driver past obstacles.

Use of EVIYOS® 2.0 dramatically improves road safety by increasing the time for drivers to react to hazards that would be invisible or partially hidden with conventional headlights. The superior view of the road also promises to transform the driver’s experience of the road at night, making night driving both easier and safer.

Until now, many automotive safety features have been designed to keep the driver and passengers inside the vehicle safe. EVIYOS® 2.0 goes a step further. Through the ability to project images on the road at night, the car communicates in new ways both to the driver, but also to others in the car’s surroundings. For example, headlights based on EVIYOS® 2.0 can project a snowflake symbol on to the road surface to warn of icy or slippery conditions, helping to heighten awareness of danger and so reducing the risk of accidents.

The innovative EVIYOS® 2.0, the result of 10 years of continuous engineering development at ams OSRAM, is now in volume production.

Wolfgang Lex, Senior Vice President Automotive at ams OSRAM, said: ”High-resolution adaptive forward lighting is set to become the next big differentiator for vehicles from the world’s premium brands. EVIYOS® 2.0 is the enabler of the most precisely controllable forward lighting systems, and is a major new value creator for the automotive industry.”

Monolithic architecture produces homogeneous light output

The design of EVIYOS® 2.0 draws on multiple ams OSRAM innovations in chip design and fabrication. The 25,600 pixels are fabricated in a monolithic µ-LED chip array, which enables ams OSRAM to achieve exceptionally high uniformity of color and brightness.

The EVIYOS® 2.0 product consists of the multipixel emitter and a driver which individually controls the operation of each of the 25,600 LEDs. In Adaptive Driving Beam systems, the multipixel headlamp is mounted in a lensed headlamp assembly, and combined with an intelligent camera for scanning the scene in front of the vehicle. This enables the headlamp in high-beam mode to dynamically switch off enough LEDs to avoid glare for other road users while maximizing the driver’s view of the road. Dynamic control of individual LEDs also enables the headlight to project accurately along curves, extending the driver’s view of the road ahead.

EVIYOS® 2.0 is a high-output, high-efficiency automotive light source that enables energy saving in vehicles: only those LEDs are energized that are required to maximize the driver’s view safely, so light is not wasted.

The LED chip has a compact 40 mm2 footprint to ease integration in sleek headlamp assemblies and is available with a 1:4 (25,600 pixels) or 1:3 (19,200 pixels) aspect ratio.

First design implementation with Marelli: microLED module uses EVIYOS® 2.0

Several globally significant car manufacturers and Tier One suppliers are designing EVIYOS® 2.0 into new product concepts. For instance, Marelli has announced its first multipixel LED headlight module to be based on EVIYOS® 2.0: the h-Digi® microLED.

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